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Why It’s Important To Vote

My Vote Don’t Count

So maybe you watched the last video and you thought to yourself, “well that sounds good and all, but I’ve been voting and what has it ever done for me and my community….?”And frankly, that’s a great question. Real progress takes time and a persistent effort from voters. It also requires us to really understand how governmental systems operate. Check out the video below. It’ll shed a little light on the subject.

Voting Introduction

People showing up to vote is fundamental to a healthy democracy! To begin, lets define voter turnout. Voter turnout is the number of registered voters who vote in an election. So if 10 people are registered to vote and 9 people actually vote, then we would say we have high voter turnout. If 10 people are registered to vote, and only 3 of them show up to vote, we would say we have low voter turnout! So why does this matter?

Low voter turnout is usually a sign that people aren’t politically active. It also usually means that people believe that voting for one candidate/party will do little to alter every day life. Research tells us that healthy