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Recidivism Resources

One of the biggest problems at the root of criminal justice reform is the lack of knowledge and understanding of the depth of the problems facing our country. Informed citizens help create change, and the lack of information available to the general public in an easy to digest format is keeping real change from happening. We appreciate your interest in our resources and if you would like to provide feedback or contribute, please reach out.

What Is Recidivism?

In this short and digestible guide, we help you understand what recidivism is and what it means for our criminal justice system. We can’t expect to see change if we don’t understand the problem, to begin with. What is Recidivism?

The Impact of Recidivism

The impact of recidivism reaches far beyond the individuals caught in the system. It impacts their families, their communities, their peers, and even those of you they will never meet. Learn more in our guide on the Impact of Recidivism.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions that we receive from donors, community members, partners, and more to help everyone understand our program and criminal justice reform.

The RED Blog

We write for change. The RED Blog is dedicated to keeping our community informed of all things criminal justice reform and up to date with what we have going on within our program.