What is REDed?


What is REDed?


RED’s Online Curriculum

RED’s online Restorative Justice Curriculum is an innovative 12-month program that is revolutionizing the criminal justice system by creating a sustainable strategy for those seeking lasting rehabilitation. By empowering individuals with targeted educational programming and invaluable life skills training, RED is creating safer communities while shrinking the tax burden on each and every taxpayer.

How It Works

RED works with prosecuting officials who together refer eligible individuals into the comprehensive 12-month program. Individuals are chosen based on offense(s) charged, previous criminal history and other variables including if a victim was involved in the crime.

Upon enrollment, each program participant completes orientation as well as a placement exam to assess specific needs and to be matched with a selected mentor. Each program participant will have, at minimum, three touch-points per month with their mentor.

Upon graduating, each program participant will have their case dismissed by the prosecuting official as well as their criminal history restricted (expunged) from their criminal history report. RED observes all individuals who complete the program for three years post-graduation to examine results and success rate. Our goal at RED is for all participants to complete the 12-month rehabilitation program and graduate with the skills necessary to move forward with a life forever changed and filled with purpose.