The RED Program

Turning Courtrooms Into Classrooms


RED creates a classroom atmosphere inside the courtroom and treats program participants as students rather than criminals. RED’s curriculum is structured to develop a student’s social, civic and financial literacy through task-oriented learning, engaging workshops, and interactive educational modules. Students are paired with appropriate mentors based on our individual-needs intake assessment. Mentors support students in their personal development and guide them in the completion of program requirements. Upon graduation, student’s records are expunged and they are referred to higher education institutions and/or employment opportunities. A summary of our curriculum can be found below.

12-Month Program Curriculum Outline

GED or HiSET Test Preparation

RED has partnered with Lion Life Community to offer innovative GED and HiSET aptitude assessments, specified tutoring, and official test preparation. For the last nine years, Lion Life has exclusively taught Adult Education classes inside of jails in North Georgia. Their specific experience with those facing the barriers that incarceration brings gives them a unique perspective which has led to hundreds of their students obtaining their GED.

Using any mobile device or computer of their choice, participants complete an in-platform assessment. Students then progress through a personalized learning plan that consists of a variety of tutorial videos paired with written instruction. Once the tutoring is complete, a follow-up post-test is given for each major subject area, ensuring their success for the Official Exam. Participants also have the ability to request additional help from Lion Life Community’s team of instructors via the in-platform communication feature.

A key foundation of this module is acceleration. In order to adapt to the transient nature of the jail-population, Lion Life Community developed a curriculum with the sole purpose of equipping its students as quickly as possible with the tools they need to get their GED. By using creative strategies that personally tailor learning plans to the individual’s needs, Lion Life Community gives the non-traditional student the edge they need to succeed.


Your support enables youths who are struggling to realize their dreams and helps to stop the vicious cycles of recidivism and mass incarceration.