The RED Restorative Justice Program

RED creates a classroom atmosphere inside the courtroom and treats program participants as students rather than criminals. RED’s curriculum is structured to develop a student’s social, civic, and financial literacy through task-oriented learning, engaging workshops, and interactive educational modules. Students are paired with appropriate mentors based on our individual-needs intake assessment. Mentors support students in their personal development and guide them in the completion of program requirements. Upon graduation, students’ records are expunged and they are referred to higher education institutions and/or employment opportunities. A summary of our curriculum can be found below:

Month 1 – Orientation, Personal Assessments

Getting to know our participants and understanding their histories is a critical part of our program.

Month 2 – Mentor Intros, GED Enrollment

Qualified peer mentors help guide and support our enrollees through their journey with RED.

Month 3 – Emotional Intelligence I

Recognizing your feelings, what triggers them and how to successfully manage them is key to your emotional intelligence.

Month 4 – Emotional Intelligence II

Identifying and navigating emotional signs in other people is essential in cultivating and sustaining healthy relationships.