What is myRED?

RED’s Online Curriculum

myRED is a 12-month curriculum that is revolutionizing the criminal justice system by creating a sustainable strategy for those seeking lasting rehabilitation. This groundbreaking program pairs experienced elected officials with individuals charged with nonviolent offenses to offer a lasting program that equips the individual with the resources to re-gain their independence. By empowering individuals with targeted educational programming and invaluable life skills training, RED is creating safer communities while shrinking the tax burden on each and every taxpayer.

How It Works

RED works with local district attorney’s offices who together place eligible individuals into the comprehensive 12-month program. Individuals are chosen based on current offense, previous criminal history and other variables including if a victim was involved in the crime. If in fact a victim was involved, RED works to ensure the victim has given full consent to proceed with the program.

Upon arrival, each individual completes orientation as well as a placement exam to assess specific needs and to be paired with a selected mentor. Each individual will have three touch-points per month with the selected mentor to complete character-building activities such as social and community courses. Employment or academic assistance is given based on previous experience and desired outcome. RED works with respectable partners to assist individuals who have a criminal background to find an ideal employment or educational situation.

If competed, each individual will have their case dismissed from the district attorney’s office as well as their record expunged from the given offense. RED observes all individuals who complete the program for three years post-graduation to examine results and success rate. Our goal at RED is for all participants to complete the 12-month rehabilitation program and graduate with the skills necessary to move forward with a life forever changed and filled with purpose

Program Features

Municipalities and Jurisdictions can purchase licenses for eligible users. Each user will be paired with a mentor, who will be trained and prepared by a RED certified personnel.

  • GED pre-testing, tutoring, and testing
  • Emotional Intelligence Training
  • Financial Planning lessons
  • On-Demand mentor/mentee communication
  • Video lessons and explanations
  • Gamification with real-world scenarios
  • Record Restriction


Your support enables youths who are struggling to realize their dreams and helps to stop the vicious cycles of recidivism and mass incarceration.