At RED, we value the element of human support and positive role models to nurture and inspire change in the lives of the kids in our program. Dedicated and compassionate mentors are the heart of RED. RED mentors come from diverse backgrounds and use the wisdom and compassion from their life experiences to guide RED kids through the program, curriculum and personal challenges they face along the journey of rehabilitation.

“Our children’s minds are like precious gardens ripe for growth. Therefore, we must only allow the very best of seeds to be planted in their mental soil.”
RED Mentor Coordinator – ZEUS LUBY


Zeus Luby

Zeus was born in West Philadelphia and grew up in Atlanta. As RED Mentor Coordinator, Zeus assesses the mentees and their needs at the intake level and pairs them with a RED mentor to optimize synergy. Zeus is dedicated to serving RED’s mission because he sees himself in the kids in the program. He has experienced many of the challenges they face and his contributions to bettering their lives is a way to provide them with the support that he did not have as young man. The rewards of his role are countless, but witnessing the kids taking steps to reach their potential is the greatest. He sees kids come into the program with little or no hope and by the time they leave, they have an abundance of hope and confidence.

Zeus is also the principal of Olympian Physiques LLC, fitness club and Illuminated Futures Life Coaching in Snellville, GA. He also founded, The A-Z Project, a multi-dimensional, nonprofit organization helping the homeless and impoverished acquire resources they need to build more fulfilling and healthier lives.

Jonathan Rodriguez

Jonathan was born in Philadelphia and raised in Jacksonville Florida. He is a realtor at Keller Williams in Buckhead. Johnathan has a very special place in his heart for RED. He volunteers as a RED mentor because he recognizes that he was blessed with opportunities growing up and he wants to help others reach the same opportunities.

His greatest rewards of being a mentor are that he builds meaningful relationships with RED kids and is able to make a direct impact in the course of their lives.

Megan A. McCoy

Megan is originally from Trenton NJ and currently lives in Atlanta. She works for Atlanta Film as an executive assistant. Megan believes in the power of mentorship and community service because she had so many active coaches, teachers and mentors in her life, who helped contribute to her success. Megan has volunteered for RED two consecutive years because she is dedicated to youth and woman empowerment. As a RED mentor, she knows that positively influencing the young women in the program and providing them with support, can make all the difference in the direction their lives take. Megan also volunteers for several other non-profits, including the AD King Foundation in Atlanta.

Wofai Offem

Wofai was born in Lago Nigeria and grew up in Tuskegee Alabama. He is a CPA at Carr, Riggs & Ingram and also serves on RED Board of Advisors. Wofai is dedicated to RED’s mission to provide kids with an opportunity to change their lives. Wofai’s brother Komommo was shot and killed in 1998 while making strides to turn his life around. Komommo means patience and Wofai believes showing patience to kids when they make mistakes is crucial to their cognitive development. He finds joy in standing by their side through the process so that they know that they are not alone.

Wofai is also the founder of MEKJ Hope Foundation Inc., a nonprofit organization that provides resources and assistance to underserved teachers, students and parents, as well a college scholarship in his Komommo’s name.

Lee Offem

Lee was born and raised in Tuskegee, Alabama. She is an associate broker for commercial properties and aspiring writer. Lee also co-founded the MEKJ Hope Foundation Inc. with her husband, Wofai Offem. Lee is dedicated to RED’s mission to wiping the slate clean and instilling new perspectives about life in her mentees. Lee grew up in the projects and for a long time could not see beyond the four walls she thought was the world. Her own experience with a mentor, who she still has a relationship with today, helped to her overcome her self-limiting perceptions. The greatest rewards of being a mentor for her are being a part of reshaping perspectives and guiding her mentees into more authentic versions of themselves.

Kennitra “Kay” Pohl

Kay was born and raised in New Orleans, LA. She is the CEO and owner of Global Tax Services and mother of five children. Kay serves RED as a mentor because she grew up in an impoverished community and understands the challenge kids face when they think that no one cares about them. As a child, she was always taught to give back even when there nothing. As a RED mentor, she strives to help her mentees realize that bad situations do not have defined them. Her greatest reward is building relationships with her mentees and maintaining the relationships after the program.


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