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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can individuals enter the program at different times throughout the year?2022-02-22T11:46:05+00:00

No. RED operates in cohorts, with cohorts beginning in January and graduating in December.

By what standards/criteria are qualifying online curriculum lessons selected?2022-02-22T11:34:51+00:00

RED utilizes the annual report data provided by Georgia’s Special Council on Criminal Justice Reform to engineer program curriculums. The Georgia Council on Criminal Justice Reform is a fifteen-member, non-partisan state commission tasked with conducting annual comprehensive reviews of the entire criminal justice system in order to optimize criminal proceedings, accountability courts and the allocation of general tax fund dollars in the state of Georgia.

Has RED’s Restorative Justice Program been proven successful for mentees/participants in the past?2022-02-22T11:33:36+00:00

Yes! The Georgia Center for Opportunity estimates that the state averages a 50% recidivism rate. Based on the data available to us, we estimate that RED has a 5% recidivism rate.

How are the successes of RED’s Restorative Justice Program measured?2022-02-22T11:32:27+00:00

RED administers intake and exit forms to all participants. We use these as pre-post tests to gauge the effectiveness of RED’s Restorative Justice Curriculum. We also gauge success on recidivism statistics, cost-effectiveness, and post-program indicators such as the ability of participants to gain employment or progress academically.