Published May 9, 2020

Second photo: Gregory McMichael and the District Attorney of Glynn County, Jackie Johnson. Jackie Johnson was the first DA to hear about the case and choose not to pursue charges against the McMichaels.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has released “new” footage to the public in the Ahmaud Arbery case. While it is considered new to us in the public, this video footage was available and viewed by the GBI in their investigation. The GBI concluded that there was sufficient probable cause to charge the McMichaels with felony murder and aggravated assault. All too often, additional information such as this is used by some media outlets who have an agenda to paint the image of “criminal” and “thug” of Black males who are the actual victims. We warn against the public jumping to rash judgments or feelings as if the McMichaels are now somehow justified in their actions. They are not! Our founder, Trial Attorney David Lee Windecher, re-visited with fellow Atlanta Trial Attorney Manny Arora to discuss this new development and the impact it may have on the Ahmaud Arbery case moving forward.

Here’s a link to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution article with the new video footage: Click here

Manny Arora’s Legal Update Based On The New Video Footage

Key Takeaways

  • Ahmaud Arbery going into a house construction site is not a crime.
  • Probable cause for the arrest of the McMichaels is still valid.
  • There are still no grounds for the McMichaels to use self-defense or citizen’s arrest as a defense in this case.
  • From a purely legal standpoint, the McMichaels may still get bail because from what we know, they appear to meet the criteria.
  • Even though Georgia has no hate crime law, it is not necessary in this case for additional incarceration. Only punishments to decide between for the McMichaels if convicted of their murder charges are life with parole or life without parole

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