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David Lee Windescher

David Windecher

Executive Director | Founder

RED Founder David Lee Windecher is a trailblazing orator, author and lawyer in the growing movement to end mass incarceration and redress racial inequity in American Jurisprudence. In his autobiography, The AmerIcan Dream – HisStory In The Making, David shares the harsh realities of growing up as an impoverished immigrant on the streets of Miami-Dade County. He was arrested 13 times and spent over 7 months incarcerated as a juvenile. He dropped out of high school and joined a gang for protection. His street name was Red. David endured the brutal climate of the lawlessness on the streets, by both criminals and the police. Simultaneously, he dreamed of becoming a lawyer and fighting for those who don’t have the resources to pay for justice. Learn more about David here.


RED is a growing group of progressive thinkers and compassionate human beings dedicated to reversing the pervasive and damaging effects the criminal justice system has had on the people, specifically the African Americans and Hispanic citizens of our country. From our board of directors and advisors, to our mentors, volunteers and writers, we are united in our diversity. Our collective mission is to positively contribute to the criminal justice reform movement by standing guard on the front lines of the battle, nurturing the leadership potential in the youths that cross the courts’ path, holding the legal community accountable for adverse conduct against these individuals and raising awareness of the historical issues in American jurisprudence and the current solutions that are being implemented around our nation. RED leaders are continuing to form alliances with contemporary community and government leaders who are working collectively toward creating a sustainable landscape of equal opportunity for all Americans.

Board of Directors

Marion Bunch
Marion BunchChairman of the Board
Brad Griffin
Brad GriffinCurriculum Committee
Zeus Luby
Zeus LubyMentor Program Director
Skip Blankley
Skip BlankleyMedia Director
Karen Jones
Karen JonesPublic Relations Director
Karsten Mock
Karsten MockGrant Initiatives Director
Manny Arora
Manny AroraCurriculum Committee
Wofai Offem
Wofai OffemTreasurer
Allie Wagner
Allie WagnerSecretary
Robert Wilson
Robert WilsonCurriculum Committee
Rick Lara
Rick LaraCurriculum Director

Board of Advisors

Lisa Moultrie
Lisa Moultrie
Reid Craft
Reid Craft
Carlton Lewis
Carlton Lewis
Ignacio Aguirre
Ignacio Aguirre
Tim Perry
Tim Perry
Ashley Robinson
Ashley Robinson
Martha Scarborough
Martha Scarborough
Brody Smithwick
Brody Smithwick


“In the bible, whenever Jesus speaks, his words are in RED.”

– David Lee Windecher – RED Founder.

While working to achieve his dream of becoming a lawyer, RED founder David Lee Windecher had several realizations that later fueled his vision for RED.  Even as he was forced to defend his character in the face of his own criminal history, he recognized that the color of his skin contributed to his ability to acclimate back into society.  He saw that this very real racial thrust to the American criminal justice system prevented African Americans and Hispanics within the system from achieving the same redemptive opportunities he himself was privy to.  These observations brought with them a strong sense of injustice and a deep desire for change. He resolved to use any future successes he achieved to combat that racial thrust by providing opportunities for society’s other lost children.

While David was in law school in 2011 his interest was piqued by Governor Nathan Deal’s formation of the Georgia Council on Criminal Justice Reform.  The council’s mandates are to address the growth of the state’s prison population, contain corrections costs and increase efficiency and effectiveness of department of corrections management.  It aims to improve public safety by reinvesting a portion of the savings into strategies that reduce crime and recidivism. The goal is to create accountability within the criminal justice system by strengthening community-based supervision, sanctions, and services. While David examined the findings and initiatives of this bipartisan, inter-branch council, he formed his own questions on what additionally could be done to redress the devastating financial burden of mass incarceration as well as the systemic racial disparity.

Through his externship at the DeKalb County District Attorney’s office and his own experiences as an adolescent in the criminal justice system, David directly experienced the mishandling of youthful nonviolent offenses through the tendency of the criminal justice system to focus on incarceration rather than rehabilitation.  He clearly recognized this focus as one of the root causes of recidivism and mass incarceration. In the course of his research into possible solutions, David discovered a growing body of compelling evidence in support of restorative justice programs for nonviolent offenses. The evidence overwhelmingly supported the fact that these programs are proven to not only reduce racial disparity in law, crime and recidivism but also to increase public safety and alleviate the economic tax burden of incarceration.  The blueprint for RED was born.


Your support enables youths who are struggling to realize their dreams and helps to stop the vicious cycles of recidivism and mass incarceration.